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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Each team must pay a $40 fee to the umpire at each game, plus $4 per extra inning
  • Each team must provide a brand new “Clincher Double Header” softball (green box) to the umpire before the start of the game.
  • Runners may not “lead”. Runners may not leave the base until the pitch crosses home plate.

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Managers: please submit rosters and line-up cards to the Commissioner via E-Mail.


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The purpose of the Broadway Show League is to provide enjoyment and recreation for people working in the Theatre. The following rules and guidelines are intended to ensure an enjoyable, rewarding, and safe season for everyone involved.


The producers of current Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows or Governing Boards of Theatrical Unions and Organizations shall be eligible to sponsor teams. All team Sponsors will be represented by a Manager, who will be responsible to be knowledgeable of the following rules. All team applications must be accompanied by the annual League Fee and a letter from the sponsor that states the following:

"As the Sponsor of ( Team Name), I (we) agree to abide by the rules of the Broadway Show League and agree not to hold the League and it's representatives liable in the case of injury to any of our players. I/we assert that our Manager is an employee of our show or organization. I/we agree to stand by the decisions of the current League Advisory Board, and will only challenge such decisions through avenues described in the League rules and guidelines."


The team manager must be directly connected with the show, union or organization.


A player will be eligible if he or she meets one of the following criteria:
a. Employment as on or off-stage personnel connected with a sponsoring Broadway or Off-Broadway show team.
b. Active member in one of the theatrical unions. (AEA, IATSE, AFM 802, TREAS. 751, ATPAM, ENGs, SAG, AFTRA or FOH)
c. An actor, stagehand, playwright, director, designer, administrator or support personnel who can prove an active participation in the NY Commercial Theatre arena.


The Broadway Show League Season begins in April and runs through late August/early September.

Opening Day and Ceremonies are TBD


There shall be a $1140.00 Registration Fee, which once a team has been accepted into the Broadway Show League is not refundable under any circumstances. Each team shall also pay $40.00 per umpire per game and $4.00 per each extra inning. (Subject to change annually)


THE LEAGUE HAS MEDICAL INSURANCE through the A.S.A. (As of May 2001). Individuals are responsible for their own safety, so don't take foolish chances. Individuals will not hold the Governing Board liable for injuries occurring on the field of Play. A player must first use their primary policy. Players without insurance coverage may take full advantage of the Show League policy.


1) Official Rosters are to be typed (signature optional) and are due the Wednesday before Opening Day, second week of our regular season. In order to continue going green, we are requesting that all rosters be sent to the League Commissionar via email. This roster should include the job, position or affiliation that makes each player eligible.


Joe Actor        (signature of Joe Actor)
AEA/cast of Really Big Show

Mary Fromdaoffis         (signature of Mary Fromdaoffis)
Mgt./Really Big Show

Use: Mgt, FOH, IA #1, Shu. Sec., cast/AEA, etc...


2) Final team eRosters must be typed and submitted no later than before play begins on Game 2 of the regular season. Teams may not take the field until the eRosters have been submitted to the Commissioner via email. Names can be added only with the Board approval after that date.

3) Requests for the adding of names to the roster must be submitted to the Commissioner in writing via email. Requests for new players added after the third week of the season will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

4) Players may not play in the playoffs unless they have played in a minimum of three (3) games during the regular season.

5) Rosters will be strictly adhered to. Identification of any “ringers” will lead to forfeit at the discretion of The Commissioner.


The Commissioner and the Advisory Board will consider requests prior to the start of the season from managers for grandfathered eligibility status of persons who do not meet the criteria listed above but who have been playing in the League for many years. Each case will be considered on its own merit and the decision of the Commissioner and the Advisory Board will be final.

Grandfather status is granted to players who have been actively employed on or off Broadway and/or played on Broadway Show League teams for at least 10 years. Individual cases are subject to the Commissioner’s discretion. Do not assume a player is grandfathered without checking with the League's Commissioner.


All managers are advised to check the eligibility of every player prior to taking the field in a game. If a manager has a question about the eligibility of a player, the manager should check with the Commissioner for a ruling prior to using the player. IGNORANCE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED A VALID EXCUSE FOR ANY INFRACTION OF THE ELIGIBILITY RULE.


Any eligible player may play for any show team. However managers are encouraged to give first opportunity to those who are directly connected to their show to play in the game. Organizations and Union teams must field from their eligible members and office employees. League eligible women may play for any team.

Among those who are not eligible to play in the Broadway Show League
  • Personnel who are paid a minimum of paychecks for the sole purpose of trying to make them eligible for the Broadway Show League.
  • Financial contributors.
  • Audience members.

Should any team be found to have fielded an ineligible player, that team is subject to forfeiture of all games in which the ineligible player has played (no matter when the infraction is discovered) - Any person associated with the Broadway Show League may report a suspected infraction of the eligibility rule at any time and the report will be investigated by the Commissioner and/or the Advisory Board. The identity of the person making the report shall be held in total confidence.

Affiliated Player: Anyone who since January 1st of this year, has worked on the show whose team they wish to play on, in any capacity, either for the house, on stage or backstage, or in the respective production office. Any current Union member is also affiliated to that Union’s team. Union members currently employed by a show are strongly encouraged to play for that show.

Unaffiliated Player: A league eligible player according to the statement above (see “Player Eligibility”), who is not currently holding a position on a Broadway or Off-Broadway production.

Teams may have an unlimited number of affiliated players and a maximum of FIVE (5) unaffiliated players on their roster.

GENERAL RULES: Unless specifically stated, ASA Slow Pitch rules apply.

  1. Home teams shall be determined by the schedule. In the playoffs the home team shall be determined by the better record in the season standings.
  2. Games shall start promptly at times designated at the beginning of the season. A team has a grace period of 15 minutes maximum to field a team. If after that time, a team cannot take the field, the game will be forfeited. If play occurs after a forfeit, the game does not count in the standings.

  3. Games are seven (7) innings, except the Championship games,
    which shall be nine (9) innings.
  4. Four (4) innings constitutes an official game.
  5. If after five (5) full innings are completed a team is behind by fifteen (15) or more runs the Mercy Rule shall take effect, the umpire will halt the game and declare the leading team the winner. Teams have the option of continuing the game, but the score at the time the Mercy Rule is called will be considered the final score in the standings.

    5a. If after three (3) full innings a team is behind by twenty-two (22) or more runs, the Mercy Rule shall take effect. Teams do not have the option of continuing the game.
  6. It is the responsibility of managers to field a legal team of a minimum of eight (8) players and a maximum of ten (10) players at the scheduled time on the assigned diamond. Two (2) of those starting eight must be female. A team has the option of batting an extra hitter (EH) for a total of 11 players in their line-up. There is no designated hitter (DH). All position players must bat. If a team fields only eight (8) players, a ninth (9) spot is added to the line-up and is an automatic out when that spot comes to bat, until such time that a ninth (9) player joins the team. At that time, the player may bat in the ninth spot, if his/her team is at bat. The ninth player may play the field only at the beginning of his team’s defensive half of an inning.
  7. Forfeits: A team that forfeits shall pay the entire Umpire's fee due from both teams. A team may not take the field for the following week’s game until umpire’s fee from the previous forfeit week is paid to the League. Teams that forfeit 2 regular season games may be eliminated.
  8. Any of the starting players may be withdrawn and re-enter once, provided that the original player is placed in his or her original position in the batting order.
  9. Courtesy Runner: Any team may request the use of a courtesy runner, who, if allowed by the opposing Manager, shall be chosen from those players not playing in the game. Men must run for men and women must run for women. Barring injury, requests for a courtesy runner should be made before the start of a game.
  10. Pinch Runner: A pinch runner may be inserted at any time during the game. A pinch runner replaces a player in the field when his or her team retakes the field, and takes over the replaced player’s spot in the batting order. A man may not take a woman’s spot in the batting order.
  11. No Pick off play:Runner cannot leave the base until the ball crosses the plate.
  12. Ties in the season standings shall be resolved by the Commissioner and the Advisory Board, based on won/loss record, head to head competition then runs against between teams in question.
  13. All rules are subject to the review and interpretation of the Commissioner and the Advisory Board.


  1. All players must wear appropriate Broadway Show League shirts at all times on the field. The name of the team, and, “Broadway Show League”, must be displayed on the shirt.
  2. All players must display the patch of Broadway Show League sponsor on their uniform.
  3. Failure to wear an appropriate uniform shirt will result in an automatic strike one each time at bat. If no uniform is worn in the field, a one strike penalty will be applied the next time that position comes to bat. In the event of excessive heat, the commissioner and board may waive the uniform rule for the day.
  4. No metal spikes or metal cleats are allowed.
  5. Catchers must wear a catcher's mask.
  6. Each team must supply a new first-quality “Clincher” softball for each game.
  7. Illegal Bats- The use of illegal bats is extremely dangerous for players. All approved bats should be stamped ASA approved. If it does not say this, the use of the bat will not be permitted. In addition, bats that are stamped, but on the non-approved list from the ASA website will be illegal bats. If it is determined that a player has used an illegal bat, their turn at bat will be recorded as an out.


  1. 1. Line-up cards will be maintained by each team. Line up cards must have the complete starting line up. Any player entering the game must enter their name and signature on the line up card. Substitutes who enter and leave the game may not re-enter play. Line ups will be checked against official rosters.
  2. It is recommended that each team keep an accurate score book of its games and of its opponent. Please use full names in your scorebook for easy cross-referencing to official rosters.


  1. Umpires will have complete control of the game. Their decisions are final and binding.
  2. Umpires will confer with Managers before the game concerning ground rules, League rules and roster concerns.
  3. Umpires may remove players for cause. Any player or manager ejected twice is out for the remainder of the season including the playoffs.
  4. Any player who strikes an Umpire will be barred from the League for life.
  5. After the game has begun, the decision to call the game due to bad weather will rest with the Umpire in conference with the Commissioner and/or Advisory Board members.
  6. All umpires must have a copy of League Rules with them at every game.


Revised May 1, 2004 after consultation with Advisory Board and Head Umpire.

  1. The ball shall be lobbed and there shall be no speed on the ball (umpires judgment).
  2. The strike zone is between the batters front shoulder and rear knee.
  3. The pitcher must remain in contact with the rubber from the start of his or her motion until the release of the ball.
  4. There is no rule concerning the release of the ball.
  5. ASA arc pitch rules do not apply.
  6. WALK RULE: If a male batter is walked with a female batter on deck, the female batter has the option of taking an automatic walk or batting.


A runner on base cannot take a lead until the pitch has crossed home plate.


Until the ball makes contact with the bat, four (4) outfielders must be at least fifty (50) feet behind the point that the infield dirt meets the outfield grass. This applies to all batters.


The criteria for playoff seeding shall be team record. Head to head results break ties.

The schedule and system will be based on the completion of the regular schedule.

GROUND RULES: Ground Rules Will Change based on reconfiguration of fields in 2007

The Ground Rules shall be discussed prior to each game with the team managers and the umpire for each field.


The Broadway Show League prides itself on fielding teams with players of varied athletic ability. Because of this, good sportsmanship is held in high regard, and the following rules will be strictly enforced on and off the field, at any event sponsored by the Broadway Show League.


Results of such behavior can include ejection from a game and suspension from games and/or seasons or more.


Managers are responsible for the behavior of their players. Verbal abuse, physical assault, menacing will not be tolerated.

Umpires will be encouraged to remove from the game any player or manager whose behavior is disruptive, abusive or not in the spirit of good sportsmanship. The umpire's word is final. Any player or manager who engages in physical violence will be subject to suspension for not less than the rest of the season, and after June 1 subject to suspension for the entire next season.

Any player or players that menace, threaten, or assault the Commissioner, members of the Advisory Board, or any Umpire shall face all criminal charges and their TEAM shall be banned from playing in the LEAGUE for one season at least, that TEAM being not only the name of the organization or show, but also the players of said team, with no more than two of them allowed to play together on any other Broadway Show League team the following season.

An Umpire may forfeit a game to any Team should a player refuse to leave the field after ejection. An Umpire may forfeit a game to the opposing Team when he feels the conduct of a Team to be consistently in violation of the spirit of good sportsmanship. An Umpire may request to the Commissioner or a member of the Advisory Board that a forfeit be awarded, even after the game's conclusion.


  1. Any team forfeiting twice is subject to be dropped from the league.
  2. Managers shall be responsible for their team’s familiarity with the rules. A Manager who loses control of his team may be ejected with the offending player. Any violation of these rules and guidelines may warrant the ejection of the offender and/or their entire team for the remainder of the season, including forfeiture of the entry fee. Interpretation and application of this rule is at the sole discretion of the Commissioner and the Advisory Board.
  3. BARRELING: A runner shall make the best effort to slide into a base when the possibility of a play at said base exists. If, in the opinion of the umpire, a runner deliberately runs into the fielder receiving the ball in an attempt to dislodge the ball or cause injury, the runner is automatically out, is ejected from the game and suspended from the next scheduled game. The offending player is also subject to League suspension for one year subject to the ruling of the Umpire of the game. The Commissioner and the Advisory Board may intervene and review any act deemed malicious or intentional.


Protests must be declared to the Umpire at the time of the occurrence.

The protesting manager must submit the protest in writing to the Commissioner via email no later than midnight of the same day and accompanied by $25.00 which will be returned if the protest is upheld, or at the discretion of the Commissioner.

Appeals to protests must be in writing on Company letterhead and delivered to the League Commissioner via email within 10 business days of notification. The decision of the Commissioner and the Advisory Board is final and binding.


The Advisory Board is made up of 5 elected individuals. There is a Commissioner, three Advisory Board Members, and one Alternate Advisory Board Member.

The Commissioner runs the League's day-to-day operations, and has a major role in the direction and enforcement of the rules of the League.  The Commissioner is elected for a two-year term.  In order to run for the office of League Commissioner, all prospects must have a minimum of ten years in the Broadway Show League and either served at least one term on the league's advisory board or have managed a team.  Any interested individuals must verify their eligibility prior to the election meeting.  During Board Meetings the Commissioner shall have two votes.

Advisory Board
Advisors to the Commissioner are elected for two-year terms in alternating years.  Two advisory board members are up for election each year.  There are 3 voting positions and one alternate.   Election for the Board alternate is held each year.  During Board Meetings each Board Member shall have one vote.  The Advisory Board Alternate shall vote only in the absence of another Board Member.

Election Schedule
All elections for Commissioner and Board Members are to be held at the end of the season. 

Balloting Method
Voting shall be by secret paper ballot only. 

Voter Eligibility
Eligible voters include current League Commissioner, current Advisory Board Members, and current season team managers.  With prior approval, a replacement may be sent to vote in place of a team manager.  Under no circumstance shall any one team have more than one vote.